Quant & Risk Training – Subscription plan savings

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The Learning Corporate Finance team uses the same training style in our training videos that we use in our live classes. We keep things interesting and interactive and focus on real world lessons that could be put to work as soon as you are finished with the course. Sometimes we get carried away and do exotic financial and risk courses like Understanding N(d1) & N(d2) but general our impulse control is quite respectable.

Here is a current list of courses available:

  1. Option Pricing using Binomial Trees
  2. Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation
  3. Understanding N(d1) & N(d2)
  4. Calculating VaR using VCV & Historical Simulation
  5. Setting Value at Risk (VaR), Stop Loss, Pre Settlement (PSR) & Counterparty Limits
  6. Quant Crash Course

Finance Video Training FAQs

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How do I access the training videos?

Once you’ve purchased a subscription plan, you will receive through Google checkout or through us, a password and link to view the online training videos library. Links to all the courses in the library will be provided on this page. Click on the relevant course in the library to view the content. Once you have viewed the content of a course return to the main Course library page to access the remaining courses.

How do I view the training videos online?

You can view any training video in the course by selecting a particular clip. All courses have been divided into clips of different lengths which cover a specific topic. Controls are provided to pause, forward or rewind the clip. In addition, as the clip is downloaded it becomes possible to move forward or backward through the clip as desired by selecting a point on the progress bar.

What is the size of the training videos and can I view it full screen?


Our training video size is 480 pixels wide by 360 pixels high. However, you can have the option to watch the videos full screen if you so desire by clicking on the icon in the control bar.

Refunds, Cancellations & Renewal

What is your refund policy?

All Finance Training Videos subscriptions are non-refundable.

In order to make it possible for you to gauge the quality of instruction for every course a selection of sample clips are provided. The clips are available on the free video sampler pages for each course. For some courses free online html based editions are also available while for others downloadable pdf files and excel templates can also be purchased for a small fee.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

Depending on your subscription plan, at the end of your subscription period you will no longer have access to the training videos library page. If you would like to renew the subscription you would need to repurchase or renew your plan. If you would like to renew your subscription for a period longer than six months, please drop us a line and we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

How do I Cancel my subscription?

Once we process your subscription and you are provided with the URL and password to the video content, you can cancel your subscription to the training videos but will not receive a refund. We try and provide as many sampling opportunities possible to our customers so that by the time they have decided to make the purchase decision they have all the information they need to make educated and informed decision.