Risk Training Courses

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This is an old page preserved from the history of FinanceTrainingCourse.com. It shows how far we have come from those early days, when this site was just taking shape as a pet project and experiment. Enjoy


From Theory to Practice ….

Learning Corporate Finance serves as a bridge between two worlds. The theoretical foundation of computational finance models and their practical implementation. Founded by a risk practioner frustrated by the absence of “open the barrier” materials for derivative pricing, simulations, interest rate models and risk management, we aim to provide practical hands-on affordable training resouces to risk, quant and computational finance professionals across the globe.

Risk Training CoursesRisk Training Courses
  1. Basel III – Liquidity Framework – Reforms to Global Liquidity Risk Regulations
  2. Heath Jarrow Merton – 3 – Factor Interest Rate Model
  3. Principal Component Analysis – US Treasury Yield Rates
  4. Portfolio Risk Metrics Example
  5. Finance Training Video – Courses available for free and pay to view
Have a look at both our video based course content as well as our PDF based courses and EXCEL templates. The current course inventory includes courses for the novice finance student starting from Corporate Finance: First Course to the Interest Rate Simulation Crash Course for the experienced risk manager.


Risk Training CoursesRisk Training Courses
Have a look at our video based course content and
try out the samples for the courses available. If you
like what you see then buy them at our Finance Course Store.

  1. Option Pricing using Binomial Trees
  2. Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation
  3. Understanding N(d1) & N(d2)
  4. Calculating VaR using VCV & Historical Simulation
  5. Setting Value at Risk (VaR), Stop Loss, Pre Settlement (PSR) & Counterparty Limits
  6. Quant Crash Course
Many of our readers ask us for advice regarding the
order, as well as relevancy of courses that they would need to tackle to aid in their understanding of particular subjects such as Derivative Pricing, Monte Carlo Simulation, etc. In order to facilitate the process of learning and to make your e-education experience more meaningful we have compiled together Guides for Dummies and Learning Road Maps, i.e. recommended course outlines and available on-line resource materials, to provide direction and focus for specific topics.


Risk Training CoursesRisk Training Courses
The team behind Jawwad, Finance, Quant and
Risk Training Videos is the same team that built
derivative pricing engines, Monte Carlo simulators
and Capital Adequacy calculators at Alchemy
as well as implemented the same models
in some of the largest banks, treasuries and
insurance companies in the region.