Business Plan Pitches: SP Jain EMBA Students take a shot at pitching their dreams


5 mins read time While it is difficult to get a pitch out in less than 18 hours of class room instructions, most students really put their heart out in sharing their dreams. Still there are a number of common pitfalls that we see every year that if addressed can dramatically increase the quality of their pitches. Here is my shortlist of why a plan would not make it to the shortlist of business plan pitches below

Teaching Entrepreneurship online

5 mins read time Can you teach Entrepreneurship online? Forget teaching, can you learn something about starting a business online?

The debate started when Jehan and I first started talking about doing a series similar to the work we have been doing with computational finance on Learning Corporate Finance. I ran a couple of trial videos but wasn’t happy with the results so killed the work we had done in March. Then April somehow became the month of speaking engagements – first for Microsoft/PASHA Catalyst, then NUST and TAN and finally the PASHA – CIPE Young ones round table this Monday morning.

Microsoft Catalyst Program: Entrepreneurial training for students and graduates


4 mins read time We started off the day with a review of the three challenges of starting and running a business. The first is the Stage one decision linked to opportunity cost and how that keeps on growing as we mature and succeed in life. The second challenge is launching the product or business challenge and the reason why we fail here is because we get products, pricing, selling or shipping wrong. The final challenge is the growth and expansion challenge where well established businesses comfortable and successful in one arena stumble and fail as they opt to grow and expand in newer markets