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Startup School – Core Milestones

Milestone number one – the idea. You can’t move on with just a great idea until you figure out how you are going to build it and what it will cost you. Five quick questions: What are you building? What do you need to build

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Startup School – Balance Faith

And now for balancing faith. The winners-never-quit question! The how-canyou-walk-away- when-we-are-so-close-to-the-end defense. I keep coming back to Sarwar’s last comment at Dana Point: “I can accept anything but a shortage of faith from you.” Was it shortage of faith or something deeper? Given a bad

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Startup School – Balancing Faith

Balancing faith is recognizing when you can win and when you can’t. It is going the distance when you can and cutting your losses when you can’t. Once again clichéd. In real life: Have you ever pulled the plug on the ventilator of a dying

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Startup School – The blue screen of death

The marked-for-death syndrome is quite common in first- and second-time ventures. Cookaracha Guides, my venture number two as well as a Type I failure, was done and finished with within three months. The idea was to give paid advice to aspiring MBAs and business school