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Pakistan country profile. Technology sector.

Pakistan country profile The revised and updated Pakistan country profile and info-graphic is here. Originally published in October post the tech sector 021-Disrupt event, the series attempted to track common statistics that founders and investors need to have on their fingertips when it comes to

Putting the ecosystem on the map. Hashtag 021Disrupt

Putting the ecosystem on the map. #021Disrupt How one conference this year changed the tone of the conversation around the tech ecosystem in Pakistan. Tariq Ellahi and Tausif Ahmed flew in on separate flights to Karachi on November, 3rd, 2017.  Their motivation for visiting the


The fastest landing page in the West. In search of.

In search of the fastest landing page in the West. Two years ago when we completed our third pivot of this site we thought 900 ms for a primary landing page was fast. Since we serve content with a large number of images, inside pages

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