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Destination Khaplu

Destination Khaplu After a day’s rest we are all set to head to Khaplu – the other Serena property in the region at a slightly higher elevation of 8,500 feet. Post breakfast we laze around a bit, check out and then pack ourselves in the

Destination Shigar

Destination Shigar Just a quick heads up. I have been shooting landscapes for a few years now. Thanks to my friend Jehan, I got hooked on to DSLRs a few years ago. As you may have gathered, I also travel a bit and have been


Skardu calling. The Shigar Khaplu break.

Skardu calling. The Shigar Khaplu break. After 2015’s amazing summer escape to Gilgit, this year we wanted to aim for something equally adventurous. Intrepid traveler and globe trotter Afia Salam suggested we take a look at Shigar and Khaplu and put us in touch with

Hunza valley summer escape

Hunza valley summer escape The road trip to Hunza via Gilgit, Chilas, Besham and Islamabad continues to its final leg. While the first two episodes documenting the road trip to Gilgit were completed and published in 2015, the Hunza episode remained outstanding. This year we were very fortunate


7 Nairobi travel tips from a business nomad.

My African adventures. Nairobi. A business nomad recaps three years of on again, off again travel to Nairobi.  Nairobi, May 2013. I can see city lights and a highway snaking below under halogen lights as we make our approach to the runway . I am thinking Marathon


Hob House – Kenya Art Collection.

Hob House – Kenya Art Collection Two weeks ago, I wrote about my brilliant stay at Hob House – a hidden Nairobi gem that also moonlights as a bed and breakfast. While I spoke about Kelly’s hospitality and her magical kitchen I didn’t really get a