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Yahoo-Tumblr Math?

Yahoo-Tumblr acquisition – How did the math work out? I think there are multiple methods at work here:  a) Traffic Integration – What is Tumblr’s Traffic worth to Yahoo? What can Yahoo sell to these customers or sell these customers for? Over the next 5 years  how

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Finance Online – Pricing Commodity linked notes

The prerequisite for this course is the first course on pricing interest rate swaps. Online Finance – Pricing Interest Rate Swaps – The valuation course And the second more advance course on interest caps, interest rate floors and other related fixed income options. The same

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Master Case: AMD: Valuation & Projections: Case Guide

Over the course of AMD’s four decades in business, silicon and software have become the steel and plastic of the worldwide digital economy. While dated in terms of numbers, results, industry structure and the state of the semi-conductor industry, the AMD case does a thorough

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Master Case: AMD: Exhibits: Valuation and Projections: Session X

Balance Sheet Summary Dec 1999 US$ (000) (YEAR) Dec 1998 US$ (000) (12-MOS) Dec 1996 US$ (000) (12-MOS) Dec 1995 US$ (000) (12-MOS) Cash 294,125 361,908 166,194 113,354 Securities 302,386 335,117 220,004 377,293 Receivables 445,187 428,220 229,837 285,892 Allowances 15,378 -12,663 -9,809 -10,159 Inventory 198,213