Credit Analysis - Financial Institution - EXCEL Example

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About the Course

This file presents an example of Peer Group Ratio Analysis for a financial institution. It is a supporting file of the PDF course “Credit Analysis - Financial Institution” (not included in this purchase). The file includes:

  1. Balance sheet and Income Statement data for two years for the Financial Institution, 7 other peers and the banking industry as a whole
  2. Ratios and comparative results, with graphs, including:
    • Investment to Total Assets
    • Advances to Total Assets
    • Deposits to Total Liabilities
    • Advances to Deposits Ratio (ADR)
    • Investments to Deposits Ratio (IDR)
    • Total Equity to Total Assets
    • Leverage
    • Total Equity to Advances & Investments
    • Commissions to Total income
    • Cost to Assets
    • Net Margin
    • Gross non-interest income to NII
    • Net non-interest income to NII
    • ROEA
    • Yield on Assets
    • Income to Advances & Investments
    • ROW
    • Non-interest expense to Total Assets
    • Cost of Funds
    • Interest Rate Spread
    • Cost to Income Ratio
    • Loan Losses
    • Non-performing loans (NPL) to Loan
    • BVPS
    • Price per share
    • Price to BVPS
    • Cost per branch
    • Administrative expense per branch
    • Deposits per branch
    • Advances per branch

Learning Objectives

After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Calculate & graph 31 ratios used for peer group analysis


Some familiarity with corporate finance, ratio & credit analysis and comfort with basic mathematics and EXCEL is expected.

Target Audience

This course is for beginners in the finance field.

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