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Download’s collection of EXCEL & PDF courses at one great price. This rich collection of courses comes from our training practice where we have conducted over 150+ workshops with prestigious clients in the banking, regulatory and risk management industry in the region, as well as our risk advisory where we work with treasury and risk functions on a day-to-day basis on policy review, system implementations, gap analysis, model audits, valuation opinions and advise on risk settings and limit management processes.

The package includes 20+ PDF courses and 20+ EXCEL templates and examples ranging from basic topics such as an introductory course in corporate finance, duration & convexity and forward rates to more advanced level courses such as derivative pricing, interest rate modelling and asset liability management.

The complete list is given below:

  1. Asset Liability Management (ALM) Crash Course - Package
  2. Basel & ICAAP - Package
  3. Basel III – Liquidity Framework
  4. Black Derman Toy (BDT) Interest Rate Model - Package
  5. Building Maturity & Liquidity Profiles for Deposits and Advances
  6. Calculating Value at Risk (VaR) - Package
  7. Calculating VaR for Futures and Options - EXCEL
  8. Calibration of Black Derman Toy (BDT) Interest Rate model to US Treasuries
  9. Calibration of CIR Model - EXCEL Example
  10. Collateral Valuation in Credit Risk Management - PDF Study Guide
  11. Comparing Value at Risk - Model, Methods and Metrics - EXCEL
  12. Constructing Volatility Surfaces in EXCEL
  13. Cox Ingersoll Ross (CIR) Interest Rate model - EXCEL
  14. Credit Analysis & Credit Process - Package
  15. Delta Hedging and Greeks - EXCEL
  16. Derivative Pricing – Binomial Trees – Efficient Approach
  17. Derivatives Products - Package
  18. Duration and Convexity for US Treasury Bill, Note and Bond
  19. Exotic Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation - EXCEL
  20. Forward Prices and Forward Rates - Package
  21. Heath Jarrow Merton (HJM) Interest Rate Model - Package
  22. Interest Rate Simulation Crash Course - Package
  23. Introduction to Financial Modelling
  24. Monte Carlo Simulation - Package
  25. Monte Carlo Simulation - Variance Reduction Procedures – EXCEL Examples
  26. Monte Carlo Simulation with Option Pricing - Package
  27. Monte Carlo Simulator with Historical Returns
  28. Portfolio Risk Metrics – EXCEL
  29. Pricing Interest Rate Swaps and Interest Rate Options - Package
  30. Pricing Ladder Options using a Monte Carlo Simulator
  31. Ratio Analysis
  32. Treasury Crash Course - Package
  33. Setting Counterparty Limits - Package
  34. Valuing Options – Black Scholes Example
  35. VaR for an illustrative portfolio of Interest Rate & Cross Currency Swaps - EXCEL Example
  36. Value at Risk using the Monte Carlo simulation with Historical Returns approach
  37. Crude Oil Mispricing Model
  38. Relative Gold Price Model
  39. ICAAP – Credit EXCEL Example
  40. Understanding N(d1) & N(d2) - EXCEL Example
  41. Economic Capital - A Practitioner’s Guide
  42. Fixed Income Bond Duration – Monthly Coupon Payment Frequency - EXCEL
  43. Portfolio Optimization Models in EXCEL
  44. VaR for Currency Forwards and Swaps
  45. Corporate Finance – First Course – Includes case study
  46. Hedging Higher Order Greeks using EXCEL’s Solver – Package

Please note: The ILAAP, ALM. LCR, NSFR Report Validator is not a part of this library and must be purchased separately.

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