Small Business Finance: Teaching small business the language of credit and finance

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Teaching small businesses the language of credit and finance; the first step in removing access to finance barriers.

Access to credit for small businesses is always an issue, generally for all the wrong reasons. It is not that small businesses are not bankable businesses or that banks don’t like lending to them, just that typically a small business owner and a bank lending officer speak different languages. Under times of stress and tight credit guidelines, this language divide becomes even more significant. Learning to speak the language and making it work for you, unfortunately, is not an overnight process. Sometimes the things you have to do to ensure that your business fits the profile of an approvable credit customer require years of groundwork. The motto in credit education is to catch them young and catch them early. If you do there is a chance that the line of credit approval may actually come through when you need it.

Learning Corporate Finance aims to address this barrier by making it possible for small business owners to easily learn about credit, credit processes and creating bankable documents at their own terms. A provider of online collection of corporate finance and credit processing courses the online corporate finance course warehouse offers free as well as paid finance courses starting from the basics of projecting financial statements, completing the valuation of a business to introduction to credit process and credit analysis.

Why finance and why now? With all the analytics involved, getting a loan approved is just as complicated as taking a standardized test or applying to business school. Most lending officers work with a checklist or a rating system that amongst other things throws out an internal score. To get the right score as an applicant you need to know how to answer the questions being asked. Small businesses that track their eligibility for credit make efforts to fix weak areas and improve strong ones to score high on the internal rating system. Small issues related to corporate governance, financial reporting, profitability, credit and payment terms, supplier, vendor and customer referrals, usage of loan proceeds, well thought and documented repayment sources and a simple business plan are all confidence building measures with big impact. Some of these fixes require little effort; while others involving financial reporting and accounting control may take a dedicated commitment over years. But a business can improve their chances of credit approval dramatically if they address these issues and present them in a language that a loan officer understands. Through it courses targeted at small business owners starting from the basic of corporate finance to credit analysis that is what Learning Corporate Finance aims to do.

About Learning Corporate Finance: Learning Corporate Finance is an online warehouse of free and paid courses on financial analysis, financial projections, credit analysis and corporate finance aimed at small business owners, business school students and computational finance specialists. Within a few short months of its launch, the online course warehouse now attracts traffic from more than 150 countries and 2000 cities across the globe every month. For more information please see course store.

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