Models at Work and Option Greeks Primer – Book Buyers

Jawwad’s books Models at Work and Option Greeks Primer use the EXCEL sheets mentioned below. If you have purchased these books on Amazon, then please provide us proof of purchase for the relevant book and we will send you the associated EXCEL sheets for free. Email us at [email protected]

Models at Work

    1. Calculating VaR – EXCEL
    2. Comparing Value at Risk – Model, Methods and Metrics – EXCEL
    3. Calculating VaR for Futures and Options – EXCEL
    4. Portfolio VaR – EXCEL
    5. Value at Risk Example for Fixed For Floating Interest Rate Swaps – EXCEL
    6. Value at Risk with Liquidity Premium
    7. Monte Carlo Simulation – Commodity – Example
    8. Monte Carlo Simulation – Currency – Example
    9. Monte Carlo Simulation – Equity – Example

Option Greeks Primer

  1. Constructing Volatility Surfaces in EXCEL
  2. Delta Hedging and Greeks – EXCEL
  3. Hedging Higher Order Greeks using EXCEL’s Solver