Startup School: My EMBA Entrepreneurship students take a shot at pitching their dreams

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In the 5 years I have been teaching the Entrepreneurship course at the SP Jain Campus in Dubai we have come a long way. Both students and their facilitator.

When we started we could only manage to do 10 – 12 group presentations on our final night. That night ran all the way till 2 am. We then switched to camtasia 7 and youtube and this year we have increased the bar to a pitch per student.

That doesn’t sound like much till you consider that these EMBA students get a crash course in six nights (18 hours of class room instructions, 18 hours of reading and group based project work) and on the seventh night (in a biblical sense) go out and finalize their plan, their pitch, their rehearsal and manage to upload it on youtube before the submission deadline expires.

And they have fun doing it without killing the faculty who has been driving them mad through out the previous week.

I had promised my last batch of students that one day the top three pitches from their class will make it to my blog. It took me six months to find the heart to pick the top three since for me all of them are winners. To take a concept from a one paragraph submission to a 10 minute pitch in 5 days after putting in a full day of work in Dubai is something that is an achievement on its own since pitching and presenting a concept requires mastering multiple dimensions. My other excuse is that my primary personal steam adjustment site has now been down for more than six months (and yes I call myself a computer scientist.)

This afternoon when I caught sight of one of many victims in the library at SP Jain, I finally decided to do the top three. As well as an honorable mentions class since this was the only way to do justice to the work that had been put in and to put my heart at rest. (And in case your are wondering what the key to getting your name on this list, it was hearing the voice of the customer in each of these presentation)

Without further ado here are the stars with stars in their eyes from my EMBA batch in Dubai circa 21st Feb 2011.

Body Language – 1st

A&R – 2nd
No presentation available.

Dial a Lunch – 3rd

Honorable mentions
Image Consultants