Startup School: Starting up Crash Course: The PASHA Social Innovation Fund Interviews Video Series

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When history asks me to confess, my defense will be “Jehan and Imran Zia made me do it”.

We had been talking about putting together a collection of vidoes aimed at final year under graduate students struggling to decide between working for themselves or accepting a full time offer. Jehan and Imran both had a list of questions that they felt needed to be answered, not from an investor but from a young entrepreneur’s point of view. One start up guy to another, straight up.

Without both of them writing to me on the same day to put my thoughts down on starting up before I took off for my next trip, I would have never agreed to doing what we did. Then Jehan showed up with her flip and food and apple juice and we discovered that were both mutual victims of the sniffing cold virus making the round of the technology community. Hence the nasal twang…

Here is the full series, courtesy of  Jehan’s PASHA channel on youtube. We review what it takes to become a Entrepreneur, how do you move beyond your great idea, building a team, an executive summary and do you really need a business plan. Enjoy.

Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

I have a great idea, now what?

Implementing the idea?

How to put together a team?

What is an executive summary?

Do I really need a business plan?