Selling derivative products to treasury customers: The Treasury Marketing Unit Training series

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Selling Derivative products training course introduction

The 90 minute short video course is part of our Selling Treasury product series and has been made available in shortened form for customers who are looking for a quick crash course in derivative products. The course include two 40 minute sessions covering the following three themes:

a) Primary Treasury Sales transactions (Vanilla flavored) you are likely to come across as a treasury sales professional when working with corporate customers

b) Treasury customer reactions and response to your trade and product ideas and how these ideas map into a handful of derivative strategies and exotic products

c) A short and sweet introduction to vanilla contracts (Calls and Puts), select strategies (Planned Sale and Purchase & Spreads), and a taste of exotic products (Digitals, Barriers, Ladder, Shout, Lookback, Asian, Bermudan, Basket, Quanto, Compound and Chooser Options)

The course supplements other downloadable training materials available on the training platform. For a more detailed version of the course with additional background materials please see The Cross Selling Treasury Products Training Video course

Session One – Core Treasury products and TMU customer reactions

In our first session we quickly walk through a laundry list of transaction types we are likely to see as part of the Treasury Marketing Unit (TMU) team including transactions on the FX and Fixed Income side. From FX sale purchase to Bill Discounting, from Forward Rate Agreements to Fixed Income trades we introduce the intent of each trade and then follow up with the list of common customer reactions to our trade ideas. As well as instances of how product and strategies could be used to answer some of these questions and reactions for our customers.

Derivative Crash Course: Vanilla and Exotics Derivative Contracts – A Quick walk through

In our second session we use 44 minutes to quickly review vanilla products, introduce the concept of option trading strategies and review nine exotic products at a high level. The objective is to provide a quick introduction to the subject using real life examples which can then be supplemented by free as well as downloadable reading materials available on the site.

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