Long billed Hoopoe or a Crowned Woodpecker? You decide

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A well rounded education in Finance includes an awareness of the environment around you.

This long billed bird has been prospecting in our office lawn for the last few months.  Armed with our Kite catching camera, we took a few sneak shots early this afternoon. The only question is that are we looking at a long billed Hoopoe (probably) or a strange woodpecker (unlikely)?.  Lacking expertise in the accurate classification of this species, we thought it would be appropriate to simply post the question here and hope for the best.  Hope that somewhere in the audience there is a Quant who has been watching birds more closely than his Excel spreadsheets.

Long billed Hoopoe or a Woodpecker? You decide. (Need some help, check out the Woodpecker classification resource)

Side profile.

In action after a digging attempt is successful.

A full view of the crown on top from back

Getting ready to dig.