The Funnies – October 2012 Edition

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That’s it. Can no longer call these Finance funnies. Our selection for the last few months and the next few months will remain distincly political as the world focuses on the upcoming US election. And apparrently so does the creative talent in our time zones. Atleast the theme in this months selection touches foreign policy and gender inquality issues.

An interesting side comment:  If cartoons and the funny pages were anything to go by, President Obama has won the election and Mitt is toast. It was the other way round in April, May, June, July  & August when the Democrats campaign was just bleeding all over the funny pages. Not so in October 2012, two weeks before the ballot.  You can clearly see a distinct shift towards the man from Chicago. Just check the earlier Finance Funnies posts for May, June, July, Aug & September  in the related post sections at the end of this post.

We will find out mid November. Till then, enjoy.



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