Keep a tab on the odds for the US Presidential election. Who is winning? A bet?

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If you have been playing the odds game mentally for the US Presidential election and want a resource to take a bet on your view on the likely winner on 6th November 2012, here is an interesting resource.

The Intra-Trade US Presidential Election Prediction ticker. The 10 dollar par value share predicting a US Presidential election win for President Obama is now trading at $6.6 and change. Governor Romney is down at $3.3 per share. Pre-Sandy the range was $6.2 for President Obama and $3.7 for Governor Romney. If you buy now and the man from Chicago wins, your share will settle at $10 par, netting you a cool 50% return in 4 days.

Any takers?

Take a quick look at the Campaign roundup by John Avlon at the Daily Beast before you take your position. John is predicting a close race but with the incumbent as the likely winner, based on early voting trends in Ohio where the spread between the two candidates is 26 points rather than the neck to neck finish Gallup is forecasting.

A big thanks to Rakesh Gopchandhani for sharing it.

Ps. For the Sharia compliant crowd, this is not an investment, it is a bet.