Singapore Forest Top Walk – Random snaps

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One of my favorite past times in Singapore is the Forest Top walk.  Accessible at the Alexandra Arch (Hort Park), right next to the SP Jain Campus, the walk has been my constant companion since 2009 when an old student introduced me to it (thank you Simar, always appreciated).

You have seen images of the Walk and the Bukit Timah nature reserve under the best free entertainment posts over the last 3 years on this and other blogs where I contribute. Together they have been the single biggest reason why I say yes to teaching the EMBA and GMBA courses at the Singapore campus. This time because of the knee, I am not as adept with stair so some of the more interesting parts of the walk are out of my reach, but here is a collection from this week’s evenings and mornings.

A full moon rises over the Alexandra arch

A shot in the miniature mode

The path beckons

Rain clouds at sunset

Singapore skyline from a break within the trees

In full bloom

Walk into my palour, said the flower to the spider

Hiding in plain sight


Fresh rain drops

Bumble bee at work