KSBL – The brilliant business school campus in Karachi

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Every now and then, this lovely city of ours grabs me by the neck and pleasantly surprises me. This Saturday armed with a camera and a trusted partner in crime, I ventured through an unassuming door on Stadium Road for just such a surprise. For what I had thought to be a makeshift campus in a makeshift bunglow opposite Aga Khan University Hospital turned out to be a sprawling first world business school campus spread over a 12,000 square yards plot.

In the end it wasn’t the size of the plot that surprised me. It was the attention paid to the design and the environment around the campus that was refreshingly different. From the usage of natural light across conference rooms to the openness created by the courtyard leading up to the business school library. From the planned and spotlessly clean parking lot in the basement to the amount of the team the legendary Hussain Dawood took to share his vision of the school with us, it ended up being a Saturday well spent.

KSBL, both by first impressions as well as the vision behind it, should certainly shake up the business education landscape in Karachi. They have started off with a great campus, an interesting model, a credible affiliation and are open to ideas, suggestions and experiments. For both teachers and students of business, it brings a different flavor of learning off Stadium road.

Looking forward to seeing more KSBL graduates come into the workforce as well as hiring our very first KSBL alumni.