These are a few of my favorite things. PASHA – The NestIO

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When we first started thinking of an incubation space for startups we put together a small project.  These are a few of my favorite things was a project dedicated to creating a wish list of “must haves” for a startup community.  Jehan made it a point to explore tech hubs, co-working spaces, startup communities during her travels to the US, the Far East and Europe.  We spoke to startups that we came across and asked them about their needs and requirements.  We looked at our own experiences as entrepreneurs and thought about all the stuff we would have loved to have when we took our first steps.


The common message and words we heard.

Open. Inspiring. Exciting. Collaborative. Space.

When we started speaking to designers we looked for someone who understood the experience we were trying to create, the challenges entrepreneurship brings with it and the design themes we had in mind. Adil Moosajee was the first name that came to our mind. He was also the only one willing to work with our crazy timelines, our personal shortcomings and our nonstop visits to the site.

In the end The NestIO is a collaborative experiment. An experiment built up on the foundation laid by smaller experiments run by PASHA over the last decade. From startup insiders to PASHA launchpad, from the Social Innovation Fund to mentoring our companies to participate at APICTA.  A design that has received input from thousands of participants and well wishers. A team effort made possible by an army of volunteers who have generously given their input, their time and their blessings.

It is your space. Help us make it work.


Here is a sneakpeak at TheNestIO before its official opening later this month.  Take a look at the themes we incorporated based on your suggestions and feedback over the years.


Vibrancy and life has many sources. The easiest is a combination of natural light and pastel colors. But it is one thing to pick a palette of colors and another to combine them to create a specific mood.


Open environment

As entrepreneurs and former cubicle farm prisoners the one thing we had always hated was closed environments.  As you walked into the Nestio we wanted you to get a sense of openness the environment stood for. There shouldn’t be any boundaries.


The Media Lab

A device library that can also double up as a test environment. You shouldn’t have to buy ten thousand dollars worth of equipment to see if your dream is real. We just did.

The Mind Gym

It isn’t enough to think big. A common trigger for taking the first step is hearing others speak of their challenges and their muse. The mind gym is a space created to record and present lives, big enough to accommodate an audience of a hundred, small enough to network, collaborate and inspire others.


The Studio

Whether it’s traffic, buzz or viral content, a good designer can do a lot of damage with a recording studio.  From videos to audios aimed at sound cloud, the studio gives you the option to let your record talent go wild.

The Cube

We tried a couple of combinations for conference spaces. Remember the Nest is still very much an experiment. A version one point oh, an initial exploration that will set the theme for the co-working space.  The Cube is part conference room, part an open experiment. If it is too wild for your taste buds, you could borrow the media lab to meet up or shack up in the cafeteria.



We looked for a location that sat in the center of the city, central to our primary audiences within the technology community, startups and universities. A space that came with ample parking, two nearby sources of sustenance, 360 views of the city, natural light and sufficient isolation from neighbors so that their fuses don’t blow by the energy generated by the space.

The cafeteria

Sustenance is easy. Getting it themed is difficult. More importantly keeping an open collaborative space free from the potent odor of desi food is a real challenge.  Let’s see if the design works.