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Master Case: Office Depot: Ratio Analysis

Using Office Depot as an example the case walks through liquidity, leverage, productivity and profitability ratios in two separate iterations. This case is the first in a two part series that compares Office Depot with Staples using the principles of ratio Analysis. Office Depot is

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Master Case: ODP and Staples: Ratio Analysis

A Master Case is a comprehensive hands on a real world example that walks you through a given topic and its application using real world data. The ODP and Staples Master Case takes two vendors from the small business whole sale supplies sector and compares


ODP and Staples: Ratio Analysis case study

Ratio analysis case study – Staples & Office Depot Staples is one of the largest retailers of Office Supplies in the US. In 1999, its Sales amounted to $7 billion while Net Income was $185 million, up $18 million from the previous year. The firm

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Ratio Analysis. Office Depot. Leverage, productivity ratios

Ratio Analysis Leverage Ratios II In this section of our ratio analysis case study we discuss coverage ratios. These are: Ratio Formula Times Interest Earned Ratio EBIT/Interest Charge Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio (EBIT + Lease Payments + Rentals)/ (Interest + Lease payments + Rentals) Times Interest

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Master Case: Ratio Analysis: Office Depot: Ratios game plan

Concept Title: Ratios – Quick Reviews It’s important to understand the different categories of ratios. It is the combined knowledge of all the groups of ratios that help in constructing an overall financial picture. We will be using the following ratios to calculate the financial

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Master Case: Ratio Analysis: Office Depot: Overview

Concept Title: Office Depot – Overview Office Depot (Stock Symbol ODP) is one of the largest retailers of office supplies in the United States. The company has 978 stores in 19 countries and Sales of $10.263 billion in 1999 with a net income of $257