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Corporate Finance – Brealey and Meyers


There are good books and bad books, readable and unreadable books. In the field of Corporate Finance and Investment banking there are very few great books and the one that stands out is the Brealey and Meyers text on Corporate Finance that almost all Finance professionals have cut their teeth on at some point in time. Brealey and Meyers stands out

  1. Because of its sheer depth and coverage
  2. Despite (a) it doesn’t read like a dictionary (which is how I rate Faboozi)

If you like a refresher or a crystal clear introduction to the subject as well as a comprehensive review of a large range of topics, the Brealey and Meyers text book is the book for you

Analysis for Financial Management

Ratio analysis simplified.

Ratio Analysis is a dry subject and Higgins makes it as entertaining as a classy piece of fiction. His intuitive presentation of complex relationships across ratios is one of the best that I have ever read in the last 20 years of browsing, reading and ultimately memorizing tomes on this subject. While not as detailed as some of the competing titles on this topic, Higgins does a great job of getting the fundamentals right and making them come across in lucid layman terms