B School recruitment: Writing cover letters that work – a cold call

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While the first two sample cover letters (cover letter one, cover letter two) were based on an initial conversation, the third sample cover letter produced here was a cold submission. The sample cover letter reproduced here was written for a position requiring a business-technology-education-training role with a brick and mortar education business in the Middle East.


Dear Sir / Madam

Eighteen months in a top ten business school in the US have allowed me to experience what a world-class education feels like, and how an outstanding school administration and faculty cater to a world-class student body. This is a great benchmark to work with.

Side by side with business school, I have spent the last two years in developing, designing, market testing and launching a full service, internet education company that provides cutting edge professional development /corporate training solutions to the financial services industry.

The common theme between both of these two experiences is Adult Learning. Seeing exceptional Professors in action and then capturing and translating their teaching methods to Internet’s inanimate environment has been a challenge. But the exposure has given me a deeper understanding of what drives learning. It has also exposed me to environments where target audiences and technology drive teaching and learning methods.

With this context, I was quite pleased to see the work you are doing by utilizing technology and student centric teaching methods. Given my experiences I had a natural interest in joining your team and contributing to its current and future success.


When I looked at the profile specified for the position, I saw a very good fit.

Requirements Fit
Master degree from an accredited University MBA, Columbia Business School, Columbia University, New York
Successful University teaching experience Three terms as adjunct faculty teaching MIS subjects to an undergraduate student body
Experience in a student centric education system Experience as a student in two institutions as well as a teacher and instructor
Successful Innovation in Curriculum design Launched a full service online education business. Responsible for curriculum design and implementation
Requirements Fit
Recent Experience in business world 8 Years of consulting experience and 2 years of overlapping startup experience
Ability to work in a collaborative and culturally diverse environment Lived and worked in Karachi, London, New York and Los Angeles with truly cosmopolitan teams.
Willingness to develop and deliver other subjects Cross functional experience and education allows me to teach Finance, Entrepreneurship and Information System


I have also attached the following additional information with this cover letter

  1. A post Columbia Business School resume,
  2. A two page document defining my startup and entreprenurial experience


Thank you

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