B School recruitment: Writing cover letters that work for your resume– part ii

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Here is another one page cover letter that was written as a follow up to an initial phone conversation. Notice that in this note, I jump directly to a requirements fit comparison since I have already had a long chat with the business user recruiting this position. Also that some of the text in the earlier cover letter has moved into the requirements-fit matrix. The sample cover letter reproduced here was written for a position requiring a business-technology role with actuarial and project management expertise for an insurance software business.


Dear Mr. X

It was a pleasure talking to you this afternoon.   As discussed, I have attached a copy of my resume and a short cover letter for your reference:

Requirements Fit
Life Insurance/Actuarial experience 7+ years of analysis, design, development & implementation covering life home office, brokerage back-office, quotation, employee benefit, group rating, rate generation & financial accounting solutions on PC, Client Server, Windows NT & Novell Netware.

18 months of employee benefits valuations & demographic analysis

Education Associate Society of Actuaries. Completed all examination requirements for FSA. MBA, Bachelors in Computer Science
Technology & Financial Modeling background 6+ years with Relational databases/ SQL, including Access, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase Anywhere & Interbase. Familiar with SAS, Crystal Ball, MATLAB & UNIX but need brushing up

9+ years of applied financial modeling using spreadsheets including defined benefit valuation models, term life insurance rate generators, contingent cash flow pricing models (options, swaps, swaptions & convertible bonds), simulations, business models & budgets

4 years as Head of information technology & support for a 75+ strong group of professionals in a dual network/PC environment

Communication & Analytical Skills 4+ years of engagement management, relationship development & growth experience including liaison/project recovery/turnaround roles between customers, technology & firm leadership.
Project management skills 6+ years of technology project management experience with a track record of delivering multiple complicated custom software development projects on aggressive schedules


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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