Online education: The Learning Corporate Finance online course advantage

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Think about the following statements:


  1. Organizations can’t grow unless the people in the organization grow as well.
  2. The learning and knowledge requirements of businesses change as the teams within face broader functional responsibilities, evolving processes, and rapid growth.
  3. As the number of professionals grows, it becomes more difficult to ensure that the firm, as a complete entity, maintains the level of expertise expected within its marketplace.


When was the last time one of these thoughts crossed your mind?


Learning Corporate Finance is a knowledge accelerator that addresses the learning needs of employees, customers and stakeholders. Our emphasis is on Functional Knowledge – the key concepts and skills required to best perform in any given function. Our product is a learning environment that allows users to select from our inventory of online courses only those topics that they want to learn when they want to learn them. It is also a set of methods and processes used in our knowledge generation and distribution components that accelerate and compress traditional learning cycles. We do this by generating content in a certain way, by breaking down concepts into bite sized pieces and by making more detailed offline content available to users by choice.


We work with our customers to:

  1. Deploy generic or customized courses aimed at specific knowledge gaps or learning needs within existing clients and employee pools.
  2. Leverage existing knowledge assets to increase availability, accessibility, reach and effectiveness.


The courses could be sponsored to meet the training, deployment and support needs of large user groups or to educate employees about core processes (underwriting risks, financial reporting, risk reporting and performance measurement).