Who can answer my risk policy, model and frameworks questions?

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Who are you and what do you need?

If you are on this page you possibly fall in one of the following three categories

1. The I have a question scenario

You have reviewed the risk materials in your risk packet for an upcoming meeting and have a concept that you would want someone to sit down and explain, possibly work with you on MSN, Skype or a phone call.  You have a risk report that you would like to better understand and dissect but want to do it independently of the team or resources who have prepared it.  You would prefer a trusted, discrete risk professional to quickly work with you over a few hours and help you out.

2. The broken risk model scenario

It’s Friday afternoon and hell just got redefined on your desk. You have a midnight do-or-drop dead deadline and have an impossible to build model that is broken, a policy document that needs to get shipped, a risk framework question that you simply can’t get your head around or a combination of all three.  You need a trusted second opinion in a rush from someone who has been there before.

3. The risk policy framework second opinion scenario

You have prepared a risk policy document or report that will now get circulated throughout the organization.  While you are sure of your work you would like a quick second opinion or editorial review to ensure that the quality of your work is of the highest level.

What do you get? What am I buying

Over the last 18 months of operating a site dedicated to financial modeling and risk management we have realized that our customers are from all over the world and have a large range of questions. From the US to South America, from China to Singapore, from Egypt to Sierra Leone, risk professionals have downloaded and used our materials to help answer difficult questions. Every now and then customers ask us for a specific question that they need help with for which we have not prepared any public content.

These customers are not interested in long term retainers or daily rates. They have a short term problem that needs a short term fix and are looking for a short term consultant who can provide that.

The 5 hours consulting pack is an easy to use option that simply gets you the time you need on a per hour basis to answer a question specific to your risk management needs. Think of it as a short term consulting gig that solves a difficult problem or allows you to get a quick qualified professional second opinion from a team of well respected and recognized risk consultants.

You get 5 hours of Jawwad and his team’s time through phone/email and/or msn. You can use the five hours to ask questions, get answers, get second opinions or simply get help.  If after the 5 hours you need more time, we can structure a customized payment option for you based on your needs.

At just under US$180 an hour, the 5 hour consulting pack rate is a third of our hourly charge out rate. The rate is an experiment and will most likely move up with demand over a period of time.

For confidentiality purposes and institutional customers we can quickly turnaround NDA to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure confidentiality of organizational information.

Why us?

Our specialty is bank and insurance risk management with a focus on market and credit risk, probability of default models, Actuarial valuations, Asset Liability Management and Stress Testing.

What type of questions have we answered in the past for our clients?

  • Creation of ICAAP Policy and preparation of first ICAAP report for submission to bank regulator
  • Creation of risk policy and preparation of risk management manuals for submission and approval by the Board of Directors
  • Opinion on valuation of Cross Currency Swap, Interest Rate Swaps, Caps and Floors Portfolio
  • Treasury review including Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office for Money Market, Foreign Exchange Markets and Capital Markets
  • Treasury and Market Risk system implementations
  • Treasury and Capital Adequacy system implementations
  • Valuation model, pricing and structuring of put options on 7 public sector enterprises
  • Review of probability of default calculations, and credit portfolio analysis
  • Market Risk Management implementation
  • Life Insurance product pricing, regulatory review, licensing application and re-insurance
  • Using a VaR based valuation approach for valuation of expected and catastrophic losses on a regional stock exchange and their impact on investors and the clearing house protection funds
  • Clearing house and Guarantee fund liability valuation for a regional stock exchange
  • Technology implementations for Basel II Capital Charge for Market, Credit and Op Risk
  • Basel II Pillar II Reporting
  • Asset Liability Management system implementation
  • Probability of Default (PD) modeling, mapping
  • Implementation of data capture, reconciliation process and analysis modules for Market Risk Management, Stress testing and Capital Adequacy reporting
  • Review and audit of Value at Risk based Margin requirements for a regional stock exchange
  • Product development review for Single Stock Futures, Single Stock Options, Index Futures and Index Option contracts
  • Probability of Default (PD) modeling, mapping and validation against external benchmarks
  • Integration with treasury application and gap analysis for the central bank’s derivative business guidelines
  • Formulation of market risk and capital allocation policies for derivative business
  • Contingent liability valuation, financial reporting, portfolio management, value at risk and asset liability management profiling for a 400 plus active positions in equities and fixed income portfolio in the domestic market
  • Valuation, investment advisory and actuarial portfolio review of life insurance portfolio in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
  • M&A advisory services on Basel II profiles and impact analysis for selected acquisition targets
  • Pricing and modeling assistance in launch of a zero coupon based savings and investment product
  • Model audit and validation for Market Risk and Basel II capital charge calculations
  • Gap Analysis for Treasury, Market Risk and Derivative desk
  • Review of capital adequacy rules for the life insurance sector companies at DIFC

Who are we?

The primary consultant – Jawwad Farid’s Profile

Our risk practice  – www.alchemya.com

A sample of our work – Finance Training Course.com