Quote of the week: The Fear Index: Robert Harris

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Read The Fear Index (Robert Harris), this week. Brilliant and ironic quote that really put the law of un-intended consequences out there..

“In 1993 the US Congress voted to abandon the Super Collider saving US taxpayers 10 billion US$. It pretty much wiped out the career plans of an entire generation of American physicists. Most physicists unfortunately had to go off and become Quants on Wall Street where they helped build derivatives rather than particle accelerators. And when that went wrong and the US banking system imploded, Congress had to rescue it at a cost to the US taxpayer of $3.7 trillion US dollars.”

I think while Bob did an outstanding job with Ghost and Enigma the Fear Index somewhat misses the mark. Still recommended and a brilliant read. The US edition comes out early January. The European edition is out in stores now…