Treasury Products and Operations – 2nd edition – The new and revised study guide for treasury and non-treasury professionals

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During the last two years we have run about 12 odd treasury training workshops for banking customers in the region. Given the work we have been doing, the statement shouldn’t surprise you. What should surprise you though is the profile of the attendees in these workshops.

Who are these participants?

  • Corporate Account Managers
  • Key Relationship Managers
  • Credit and Risk Professionals
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • Senior Business Managers
  • Management Trainees
  • Fresh Treasury Team inductees
The primary objective of this treasury study guide is to help relationship, risk and limit managers better understand transaction, limits and pricing mindset from a Treasury point of view. Armed with this awareness and knowledge they can help customers understand the rationale behind a treasury price quote, leading to a quicker close and a higher yield on customer treasury transactions.
Here is a quick look through the table of content of our 255 page treasury guide and manual filled with work through examples.  Also see our interactive video  courses
Table of Content
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There is now a renewed focus and push on increasing the share of treasury and fee income products within the banking industry. From regional banks to international players the strategy for 2012 is to move away from core, conventional lending exposures to trade, flows & structured solutions for client needs.

While our workshops have been quite successful in meeting this need, a number of clients have asked for offline content that they can share and distribute to their teams for in transit reading. Hence the Treasury Products and Operations Study Guide for non Treasury professionals. Specifically designed and written for customer facing team members who work as facilitators and relationship managers between Treasury customers and the Treasury function at a bank.

In this 225 page treasury study guide we:

  1. Explain primary treasury products, processes and functions of a treasury department to a non-treasury outsider.
  2. Work with examples across basic treasury products including both Money Market and FX products.
  3. Follow the workflow of treasury operations and identify common exceptions and solutions from rate quotation to settlement.
  4. Identify suitable treasury products for specific customer needs involving Money Market and FX transactions.
  5. Calculate counterparty limits using PSR and PFE methodology.

The Treasury Products and Operations Study Guide for non Treasury professionals supplements the material covered in our Cross Selling Treasury Products Training Video series created specifically for Corporate Relationship Managers interested in increasing their quote of income and fees from Treasury solutions.

Treasury Products & Operations Study Guide – Course outline

Title Topics
The Treasury Function – Introduction
  1. The Treasury Function
  2. Trade Flows (FX desk)
  3. Trading, Investment & Portfolio Management
  4. Proprietary Trading
  5. Asset Liability Management
  6. Liquidity Management
  7. Treasury Markets
    1. Foreign Exchange
    2. Fixed Income /Money Market
    3. Capital Markets
  8. Related Terminologies
    1. Four eyes
    2. Confirmation
    3. Settlement
    4. Dealing System
    5. Price discovery
    6. Rate reasonability
    7. Limit Management
    8. Middle Office function
    9. Risk Policies
    10. Counterparty Limits
Treasury Products – Workflow
  1. The Treasury Function Operations
    1. Front Office
    2. Middle Office
    3. Back Office
  2. Trading exercise – FX products
  3. Client – Relationship Manager
  4. RM – Treasury Dealer
  5. Treasury Dealer – Market
  6. Quote, Confirm, Execute, Settle
  7. Settlement exercise
  8. Paper work, Limits, Counterparty confirmation, Back office verification & Validation
  9. Customer quote
  10. Rate quote, spread and margins
  11. Treasury Operations
  12. Treasury hierarchy (Chief Dealer, Inter Bank, ALM, FX, MM)
  13. Limit Breach, Exception processing
  14. Reserve Management (Cash, Liquidity)
Products and Risk Limits
  1. Product Families
    1. Conventional treasury products (MM, FX)
    2. Vanilla products (MM, FX)
    3. Forwards, Futures, Options (Calls and Puts), Swaps (Profit Rates, Cross Currency), Caps and Floors
    4. Exotics products and structured solutions for FX needs.
Treasury Limits Calculating Value at Risk, Pre Settlement Risk (PSR) and Potential Future Exposure (PFE) for Profit Rate Swaps and Forward contracts.
Linking PFE and PSE to counterparty limits

Treasury Products & Operations: Author Profile

Jawwad Ahmed Farid is a Fellow Society of Actuaries (Chicago), a MBA from Columbia Business School (New York City) and a computer science graduate. During the last 19 years, he has worked as a consultant in North America, Pakistan and the United Kingdom with a number of blue chip clients including Hartford Life, Aegon, American General, Goldman Sachs, ING, Manu Life, Merrill Lynch, Met Life, Sun America, Nationwide, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Sun Life of Canada, Pacific Life, AllState, Fidelity Investments, Transamerica, Skandia, GE Financial Assurance, AXA Equitable and Washington Mutual Bank.

Jawwad’s core areas of expertise include Asset/Risk Management, Investments, Product Development & the Financial Services Back Office. Jawwad blends a rare combination of risk management, information systems, international standards, business and product development skill set side by side with his actuarial expertise.

He is the author of three books on Entrepreneurship (Reboot), Commodity Markets (Understanding Commodities Risk) and Risk Management (Risk Application and Frameworks).

As an investment advisor Jawwad has advised a 3 billion US$ dollar life insurance fund in Pakistan on allocation and bid patterns for 10, 20 and 30 year bonds, a 30 million dollar Middle East fund on their ALM mismatch and fixed income strategy, a 10 million dollar fund on asset allocation and equity market timing in Pakistan. He has also worked with the securities regulator on assessing the state of the corporate bond market as well as issued valuation opinions on cross currency swaps, interest rate swaps, caps, floors, participating forwards and contingent liabilities for Exchange Guarantee Funds in the region.

Jawwad has worked directly as a founder, founding team member, mentor and advisor at multiple startups including two green field life insurance companies, multiple technology product businesses, financial services consulting operations, risk and investment advisory businesses, product focused distribution as well as micro insurance, micro pensions and micro finance startups.

In addition to being a PASHA CEC member and Treasurer he has also served as a judge at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Macau, Singapore, Kula Lumpur and Jakarta as well as at PASHA ICT Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010. He currently serves as member of the oversight board for the PASHA Social Innovation Fund.

His regional client list includes First Gulf Bank, Riyad Bank, Ministry of Finance Malaysia, May Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Noor Islamic Bank, Dubai Bonds, Deutsche Bank, SP Jain, Marcus Evans, LSW International, State Bank of Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan, Muslim Commercial Bank, Crescent Commercial, MyBank, Dawood Islamic Bank, KASB Bank, United Bank Limited, Pak-Kuwait Investment, Saudi Pak Commercial Bank, ABN AMRO, State Life Insurance, Dawood Family Takaful, Asia Health Care, Adamjee Insurance, Shell Pakistan, and International General Insurance.

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Treasury Products & Operations – Study Guide for non-Treasury professionals – Student Discounts

If you are computational finance, computer science or business school student interested in learning more about the Treasury, Investment and Portfolio management function, please drop us a line to ask us about our ongoing discounts for active and registered students.

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