Asia Pacific ICT Awards – APICTA 2012 – Judges Profile

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APICTA 2012 – Judges Profile – The Sultan of Hamdan

Sultan Hamdani is the King of charm, the crown prince of impossible situations, a master negotiator, and a devoted Durian fan. Travel with him is never without excitement, loud uncontrollable laughter or good food. In the Far East he is inevitably treated like Royalty and no one comes close to his ability to extract the right protocol when that protocol is required or needed.

He hates stairs and esclators and can only be found in sunlight under extreme pressure and duress. Especially the type applied by two of his fellow judges immediately after breakfast.

As an APICTA Judge he hates unfairness and bias and anything less than perfection in a Pakistani entry is enough to keep him up fiddling away with the pitch and the presenter till the notes sound just about right.

Sultan is a veteran Head Judge and represented Pakistan as a Judge as well as Head of Delegation this year at APICTA.

APICTA 2012 – Judges Profile – Badar Khushnood – Google Guy

Kula Lumpur APICTA 2010 was the first year Badar Khushnood joined us as a judge. After the awards night at the Traders Hotel we stayed up late crafting a press release announcing Pakistan’s amazing sucess in Malaysia in a room filled with professional elite from Malaysian society.

While Badar has always had a special relationship with P@SHA, his participation at the APICTA Awards as a judge gives us an opportunity to work with him outside of his responsibility as Google Country Consultant in Pakistan.

However the biggest motivation for attending APICTA is building relationships at home as well as with other member countries in the APAC region. In the short span that Badar has worked as a judge he has become incredibly popular with fellow judges based on his straight forward and honest opinions.

Badar with Zafar and Sultan makes an incredible when mentoring entries on participation in Eleanring, EInclusion and Startup categories.

Mentoring takes first seat though and after two days of intense, sometimes invasive feedback, everyone including Badar wants to put their feet up and crash.

APICTA 2012 – Judges Profile – Faizan Siddiqi – Startup Guy

Every year we experiment with a new Judge to grow the overall pool of mentors and Judges in Pakistan. Pakistan will actually bid for hosting the APICTA Awards in the near future and it is important to have a large pool of experienced judges to conduct a successful and fair awards process. New Judges are mentored and guided by their more experienced peers in their first year. No one plays that role better than Sultan.

Faizan Siddiqi was our entry this year for the new Judges pool. Faizan is the head of operation for DGS Pakistan and is a Purdue and LSE Alumni.

For Faizan judging and mentoring this year represented a very different kind of thrill. It gave him an opportunity to spend quality time with Zafar, Sultan and Badar and start building his own network for APICTA friends from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Not to mention the free battery recharge that comes with juding the 24 entries in the Tertiary student project category.

Zafar Khan – APICTA 2012 Judge – Traffic Guru, Media Mogul

Zafar Khan of Sofizar and Constellation CK needs no introductions. He is the one man the Sultan of Hamdan listens to.

Zafar specializes in all nighter participant presentation review session followed by an early morning 5 am walk, followed by a full day of judging and managing to still coming out smiling.

Zafar judges Startup, New Media and E-learning categories at the APICTA Awards.

Zafar is a P@SHA CEC member and an active support of our team’s participation at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards.

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