Risk education. 12 months of images. March 2012 – March 2013

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Compared to our first two years, year three turned out to be much more richer in term of the quality of our content, our images and our graphical presentation.

I still vividly remember the it’s just text comment Mark Broadie made when he first saw the original idea almost 12 years ago. While we have not been able to get rid of text which despite its age is still the most preferred and a very powerful medium. But we try.

Here is a sampling of our efforts. Some plain, some simple, some downright creative. While we did a lot more images, most were rework of power point art and Excel graphs. It was only when we discovered recitethis.com that we really started having fun.

Two of my favorite quotes from the training business that I have lived with for more than two decades now become much more richer when used with the right medium. Pick yours and share them.

The original design, first tested in March 2012. Retired 12 month later in March 2013. While the image is still gorgeous, user feedback was on the fence in terms of clickthroughs. In the end we decided there wasn’t anything wrong with the design, just that users didn’t want 28 different choices to pick from.

We are still working on a slightly different navigation layer and if you have any suggestions, feel free to jump in.

A ripoff of the when we are children we think our parents are perfect, as we grow up we find that we were wrong. Sometimes we forgive them. The model variation wasn’t perfect but it was worth a shot.

The risk is uncertaintiy series.

Followed by the perfect snapshot taken at the South China Sea while jugdging the Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Brunei Darussalam.

Who says red doesn’t work? We tried. It didn’t.

Getting more creative with Recitethis.com

Good old smart art and power point come to the rescue.

Mohsin (aka Mark) goes creative with the Risk Rockstar campaign.

Faizan Leghari’s poweful contribution to the site design simply gave it a different flavor. It is also the element retained in the most recent site redesign.