Risk training’s new interface for 2013

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Risk Training’s new interface for 2013

We asked, you answered, we delivered.

Based on your feedback, the absolutely essential Google page analytics tool and our friends at Pingdom.com we have been hard at work for the last few months. You, dear readers, asked us to deliver:

  1. A faster, more responsive site.
  2. More focus on risk, risk training and risk models.
  3. A cleaner, clutter free interface.

Faster, more responsive site

This evening we finally rolled out the new design that shrinks page load times from the original 711ms to 425ms. Armed with our new CDN backbone (Content Distribution Network) our readers should now see similar response times to their page requests irrespective of their geographic location.

While the CDN shrank response times significantly, the final push came through a clean redesign of the old site and some very creative backend work by our inhouse team.

Within the inside pages we are also hard at work at re-cataloging and cleaning up older pages as well as creating a new navigation layer that should become visible by May 2013.

A few hundred milliseconds here and there doesn’t really matter on a desktop or a tablet. But try connecting through a 3G or Edge Network using a mobile device and the difference is very apparent. Add an exotic location or two to your browsing and what is acceptable in NYC becomes unbearable in Brunei.

Since we now get just under 10% of our traffic from cell phone and handset users, we hope that the new speedier interface will make browsing risk topics a more pleasant experience.

Cleaner, clutter free interface

We have re-cataloged our buttons based on user interests we have seen through analytics. The primary themes we have seen are Case studies and Do It Yourself (DIY) Guides for building Excel spreadsheets. The store has been made more accessible by breaking entry points into the new in store, training courses and packages categories.

And if you need specific topic guides, the old category grid has been simplified based on your recorded preferences over the last 10 months.

We would love to hear your feedback and reactions to the new interface.

Keep those ideas coming. We are listening.