Be careful of who you sit next to on your next Emirates flight.

2 mins read

This Saturday, at midnight, somewhere over the Persian Gulf, I stooped to an all time low.

Our creative and editing team had been burning the midnight oil for the last week to ensure that we were able to ship Reboot, 3rd edition for the iPad before I headed out to New York. At 254 pages, 8 videos including the re-edited pitching for startup series and a new your startup pitch in under 24 hour guide, the 3rd edition adds substantial depth to our popular classic. While Uzma and Agnes had done an amazing job under impossible conditions, I didn’t get a chance to look at it till I finally sat down in my seat on the flight to Dubai.

So here I am settling down in my complimentary upgrade, chugging through the pages of our 254 page tome on pitching for startups when I sneak a look at the passenger sitting next to me. A devilish idea begins to form.

Suit, dress shirt, fit for someone in their late 40’s. Looks approachable, but a little tired and just getting comfortable with his drink when I ambush him.

“Hi I am Jawwad, what do you do for a living?”.

Full credit for a response, practiced and served with a slight smile.

“I am a banker and I run an investment bank in the region helping client raise capital and debt.”

“Great, do you use an iPad at home.”, “Yes, I do.”

“Aha, would you mind taking a look at something we have been doing and share your reactions” and before a response comes forward, the iPad has exchanged hands.

While Saad Zaman was sweet enough to look through the iPad for twenty minutes during his short 90 minute flight, my next victim, Nikhil, from New York had no idea what he had in store for him when he sat next to me on the 13 hour testing marathon to JFK. (Hi Nikhil).

Armed with a tested approach this time I didn’t even wait for the Emirates A380 to start taxiing…

“Hi I am Jawwad, what do you do for a living?”.

Can’t wait to see who is sitting next to me on the flight back home 🙂