Return to New York – A drive down memory lane

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New York, New York.

Saboor Bhai and I go for a drive down memory lane in Manhattan. Driving down from Dobs Ferry all the way into down town to pick up Manal from her school event. Lots of fond memories.

Figure 1 18 month at 122nd & Broadway. The fondest of memories

Figure 2 Warren Hall, the joint Columbia Business, Columbia Law School building

Figure 3 Church of St. John Divine on Amsterdam, my all time favorite

Figure 4 Newyork Spring. Cherry trees have started to bloom. Sakura Park

Figure 5 The Aerospace wonder that I still have to visit.

Figure 6 That and the shuttle

Figure 7 I love these full page ads

Figure 8 For a Sunday, the city is overflowing with life, energy and color

Figure 9 And if spring is not warm enough for you, there is always Mexico