Risk books. Help us find the right name for the new book on risk.

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Risk books. Help us find the right name for the new book on risk management

Here is the background story.

I have just sent in my manuscript for a text book on risk management to Palgrave Macmillan. Macmillan is likely to publish in the book by December 2013. The book is being positioned as a desk reference for practitioners in the field and extensively uses case studies and excel models to teach. Here is a sample case on the fuel hedging decision at Emirates airline. You may also want to see the table of contents for the four parts below.

Table of content for Part III and Part IV

Table of content for Part I and Part II

The deadline for picking up a name is 20th July 2013.

Textbooks are either too simple and superficial or too mathematical and difficult. When they are able to strike a balance they tend to be too academic or esoteric. What is needed is a training guide that allows readers to develop intuition by following practical exercises that build up foundations for more difficult materials. A guide that doesn’t stop with exercises but helps explore trading, pricing and risk themes. Sort of like a build yourself a chemical rocket in your backyard kit. Except that you are building pricing models and MS Excel becomes your backyard.

  • A hands on example and intuition driven guide to understanding risk management.
  • Written from the point of view of a practitioner who doesn’t have a PhD yet has to work with pricing and valuation models.
  • Easy to read language that first builds a foundation of basic concepts and them puts them together to jump to advance topics by asking questions.
  • Rich collection of solved examples and step by step model building chapters
  • A self contained guide that only requires a background in finance and no background in Stochastic Calculus or Partial Differential Equations.
  • The material for the book was generated over a decade of teaching this specific topic to risk managers, bankers, treasurers, central bankers, accountants & business school students.
  • The questions raised and answered are questions that audiences asked. The explanations chosen are those that made sense and worked with evening MBA students late after work when the ability to digest and process difficult concept is at its lowest.

The default choices are the following. But please feel free to suggest your own names.

  1. Risk Frameworks and Applications:  A Field Guide to Financial Risk Management
  2. Risk Frameworks and Applications: A Practical Guide to the Measurement and Management of Financial Risks
  3. Risk Frameworks and Applications: A Practical Introduction to Risk
  4. Financial Risk Frameworks and Applications: A Field Guide for Practitioners
  5. Risk Frameworks and Applications: A practitioner’s guide to risk management
  6. From Exposure to Impact. A field guide to risk management.

The target audience are individual interested in the field of risk management – students as well as practitioners. On the student front the audience includes everyone from enrolled in an undergraduate program to certified professional taking accounting, actuarial and financial analyst exams. On the practitioner front the book contains material for both intermediate and advance audiences.