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As first year MBA and undergraduate business school students head for their summer internships and the graduating class pack up their bags to step into the real world, here is a quick and handy prep reference reading guide for summer interns. These are all free short online courses with simple examples that can serve as a quick reference as well as a refresher. No need to carry all those hefty books with you to New York (that means you Adnan..)

For Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Summer interns:

The first course in Finance

Corporate Finance, Valuation and Projection Case

Corporate Finance, Crash course in Ratio Analysis

For Credit Trading, Credit Analysis and Structured Credit Summer Interns:

Introduction to Credit Analysis

The credit process orientation course

For Treasury and Risk function Summer Interns:

The Treasury Operations Crash Course

Derivatives, all you can learn in less than 90 minutes course

Introduction to Value at Risk

Enjoy the courses, the summer internships and New York.