Pitching for Startups – II: Pitching Case Studies for Startups

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One big benefit of teaching the very bright and loving students at SP Jain has been this underground collection of pitches that I have built up since May 2007 when I first taught the course in Dubai. As we have all learned more about the art of pitching, about what works and what doesn’t we have gone out and made improvements every year in the materials we cover as well as the quality of pitches made by my students.

It was only natural that after doing the Pitching for startup course I would go back to some of my all time favorite pitches, pitched over the last four years and dissect them for the students who enrolled for the Pitching for Startup.

A very warm welcome then to the Pitching for Startup – Case Studies course. A supplementary course that picks up where we stopped with Pitching for Startups. In just under 30 minutes we walk through all the right notes hit by five different real life Exec. MBA and GMBA student pitches covering sectors ranging from Entertainment, Petrochemicals, Demographics, Fashion Accessories and Transportation.

I review the basic premise, product and service idea and the reason why the pitch remained memorable in my mind over the years and what the group got right and how does that fit in what entrepreneurs generally tend to get wrong. The examples that we highlight and dissect that we touch include:

a)      Presenting Financials and Business Model effectively

b)      Presenting Customer Profiles

c)       Visualizing the pain of the customer

d)      Increasing the perceived value of your product by the right sequencing

e)      Combining visual slides and passion to pitch your concept in under 30 seconds.

Combined with the materials covered in the Pitching for startup course, the Pitching case study session allows you to actually see the concepts covered in the earlier course at work. My hope is that the combined lessons will allow you to deliver powerful, effective and moving pitches.

The buy now page will be up and running by end of day today. Keep your eyes opened and peeled for the update.

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