We are hiring senior developers. Redefine challenge in your dictionary

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Come work in hell with a team run by the devil himself.

Its that time of the year again. We are hiring.  Answer the following questions before you apply.  If you answer no to more than two questions we are not the right place for you.

Can you write the poetry of code? Are you bright?

Can you work with a team that burns out ordinary mortals in a flash?

Do you get Finance? Would you rather tweak a Monte Carlo model in Excel than eat or sleep?

Can you juggle code, concepts, design and clients on the same day? Do you like working hard?

Do you do what is right or what people think is right? How do you handle blunt feedback? Impossible deadlines? Do you like redefining boundaries? How about redefining yourself?

Do you hate Stochastic Calculus? To hate it, you have to know it? Would you wage a war against badly written textbooks? Do you feel strongly about bad design?

Handle pressure? Work with the devil? Abuse, praise and inspiration in equal measure?

If you answered yes to the right questions and no to the wrong ones (you know what we are talking about) then…

Prove it!

You may not like it (hey, we are anything but honest). You may not survive it. Either way, you will never ever be the same again. (the average survival rate of fresh hire that leaves is 3 days).

But while you will hate us by the time we are done, you will learn a thing or two. About coding, design, writing, productivity and Finance.

To take our awkward test, drop us a line at jawwad at the rate FinanceTrainingCourse dot com or jawwad at the rate alchemya dot com.

Hiring senior developers now. Comfortable with design, database applications, object oriented code, computational intensive numerical applications, the design of API libraries and a desire to push the envelope. 

Tell us why in the world would you want to subject yourself to our brutal productivity regime and slave labor camp working conditions and why Finance plays such a big role in your life. Include a writing sample and a one page resume.  Also, tell us about the one question above to which the right answer is no.

It will be anything but like a dream holiday in the tea gardens of Sri Lanka.

What do we do? We sell risk and treasury software to banking and financial services customers in Middle East and North America.