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Treasury, Investment Management, Fund Management or Cash Management. Depending on your geographical context these terms may be used interchangeably, or not. Within, Asia, the Far East and large parts of Africa, the bank treasury function is simply referred to as Treasury. In North America and parts of Europe the convention used is different. For us, on this site, a treasury group is a specialized centralized function that exists within banks and large corporations. The function also exists outside of banks in hedge funds, asset and money mangers and private equity shops. Depending on who you are, your focus may be just return, managing maturity mismatch or ensuring compliance with cash and liquidity targets. The treasury or investment management group is responsible for buying and selling of foreign exchange currencies in a centralized fashion; borrowing to meet liquidity and return requirements as well as lending and placing excess cash to ensure all resources are usefully deployed. Managing and growing the investment portfolio including bonds, shares and any other financial securities. Our treasury and investment management posts, study notes, PDF guides and Excel templates cover liquidity, asset liability management, cash management, counterparty limits, value at risk, risk models, volatility and stoploss limits.



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