Shot by Zaka Shafiq at Columbia Business School

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I had always wondered what it would feel like to be shot by the remarkable Zaka Shafiq.

Zaka is a Columbia Business School Class of 2013 candidate who is really handy with a lens. We have all seen his work over the last two years as he documented his business school education through his camera lens.

This past Tuesday at Room 307, Uris Hall at Columbia Business School, Zaka finally got an opportunity to oblige. Zaka and the CEO Club at Columbia Business School had arranged for me to share the background behind Reboot, my book on startup failure and starting up again. The book focuses on the failure experience of startups and founders and zeroes in on the primary cause of our failure. Our inability to sell and pitch.

While I ran my session, Zaka did his magic with a bag filled with lenses, cameras and flashes. The end results are just as remarkable as Zaka. I will just let his work speak for him.