Columbia MBA. 15 months at Columbia Business School

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An informal sampler of my Columbia MBA education, a journey that started with an idle conversation in March 1997 and ended on commencement day in April 2000 at Uris Hall, the Columbia Business School campus on 116th and Broadway.

URIS Hall 142
Columbia MBA. Uris Hall 142


In March 1997 I never thought that an Ivy League MBA from a top ten business school (ranked between number 5 and number 10 based on which MBA ranking you looked at) was in my immediate future plans.

Fourteen months later, after many a sleepless nights, hundreds of words from inward looking business school application essays and a 94% percentile GMAT score, I had the MBA admissions offer letter from one of the three schools on my list. While the collection below can never do justice to the months before business school admissions, nor to the unreal 15 months we spent on campus in Upper West Side  at Columbia, it should provide a flavor (perhaps a snapshot) of the business school education that changed my life.

There are two primary questions that I get asked during business school candidate interviews. Was it worth it? And how did you go about the application process? The worth it question is something that we have to answer ourselves. It is a function of what you want out of the program, how hard you work at getting it and what use you put the education to after you graduate.

Rather than answer you directly, I thought it would be useful to share a sampler of my life from those memorable 15 months in New York.

Starting from my original business school application essay, I jump quickly to five pieces I wrote for the business school students’ magazine, a MBA faculty interview and a list of free online finance courses showcasing the course work we took. This salad bowl of memories is followed by an overview of my graduate course work as a Finance and Entrepreneurship major and a short sampling of class projects submitted by my project groups during the MBA program at Columbia Business School.

Columbia MBA. Business School Memories from Bottom line.

Business School first year, first term: Case Hell

Business school first year, first term: Dear Mom and Dad or the MBA contract market

Business school first year, first term: The fine art of case analysis

Business school first year, first term: The mid life crisis at 28

Business school first year, first term: Drama in Real Life

Business School first year: Professor David Biem on investment banking, business school, ethics and academia

Columbia MBA. Course work

MBA Guides: My MBA Finance course work at Columbia Business School

Columbia MBA. Sample projects.

Final projects submitted for Advertising Management, Turnaround Management, Tax Factors in Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurial Finance and Strategy.

Corporate Finance Training – Advertising strategy for an e-education portal

Credit Process: Baldwin Piano

Corporate Finance: LLC or C-Corp

Good and Bad bosses – A review of leadership trends across the decades

Building a valuation model for an online education business

The battle for online MBA – Strategy and Tactics

MBA Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Business School Admissions: Answers for the road to your top ten MBA application

Columbia Business School
Columbia University. Subway station on 116th & Broadway

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