How to download Reboot for iPad without an iBook store in your country?

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Download Reboot for iPad without an iBook store

A number of followers and friends would love to read the new Reboot, 3rd Edition, iBook on their iPads. If you have iBook 3 on your iPad you can now download a slightly scaled down version of Reboot. The scaled down version doesn’t include the videos since they consume about a gig of storage space (imagine what that would do to our AWS hosting and bandwidth bills).

The full book is available for free now on the iTune store but only for markets where an iBook store exists. So if you are in the 150 countries of the world where an iBook store doesn’t exist, here is what you can/should do to read it on your Apple device.

Open Safari (the web browser) on your Apple device and:

  1. Check and ensure that you  have ibooks 3 app on the iPad
  2. Enter URL – /education/wp-content/uploads/ibooks/Reboot.ibooks in Safari
  3. Prompt appears asking to open book in ibooks app, click yes
  4. Book will be downloaded and appear in the bookshelf

Despite the fact that we have taken out the videos, this is still a fairly large file. You will have to be a little patient with your downloads.

And please when you are done reading the book, drop me a note. Would love to hear back from you about your reactions to the 3rd Edition.