Chasing Butterflies in Nathiagali – Episode II

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Chasing Butterflies in Nathiagali.

Once you start shooting butterflies with your Canon EOS 70D on your week long vacation, there is not much that you can do to stop. Three evenings and a few hours later here is a sample collection of wings that we found nesting and feeding on our sundeck tree in Nathiagali, this June. It has been one of the better uses of sunny afternoons that I have know so far and it comes with the additional benefit of learning some interesting lessons in feeding habits and mating rituals. If you skipped that biology class, here is your chance to catch up.

While butterflies may be considered the most romanticized “insects” in our history, their beauty at close range through a decent zoom lens is still breath taking. Don’t knock it till you give it a spin.

Oh and one more thing, a few lady bugs gate crashed the shoot. You will have to look for them, when you find them, please don’t mind them. They were only invited to add some local color.


Shot with the Canon EOS 70D and the 18-135mm EFS STM lens.