The recipe for a perfect vacation…The daisy fields of Nathiagali

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The daisy fields of Nathiagali. The recipe for a perfect break from civilization.

Every few years we get together to bring all the kids under one roof in Nathiagali. The week long break is defined by morning and evening walks where the kids ride horses and the adults trek. There is nothing like sitting on a grassy hill top 9,000 feet above sea levels and hearing trees and mountains grow.  The bungalow we rent on a hill is away from the commercial hub hub of the hill station and is actually in the residential district (if there is such a thing).  My defining memory is the fragrance of pine cones on the path, the total silence on the longer treks and the feeling of being completely out of shape and breath while climbing a 45 degree incline.

Here is the recipe that we have followed over the last decade for the perfect vacation.

1. Disconnect your phone and your internet.

2. Bring along that book you had been meaning to read.

3. A pack of comfortable layered clothes.

4. Clean out your calendar, your mind and your to do list.

5. Tell everyone you will not be reachable for the next one week.

6. Load up on comfort food, mangoes and cherries.

7. Head out to Nathiagali.

Figure 1 Early morning or late evening, the track awaits

Figure 2 Sunsets to die for.

Figure 3 Valley views that no camera would ever be able to do justice.

Figure 4 Stone houses that will take you back a hundred years

Figure 5 But powered by ….

Figure 6 Fir and Pine Trees galore…

Figure 7 Play hide and seek to your heart’s content

Figure 8 Name the house and the treck

Figure 9 The daisy fields of Nathiagali

Figure 10 Hill streams that go on and off..

Figure 11 Treck till you are ready to drop

Figure 12 Wherever you go, the perfume from the pine cones will go with you.