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Fintech in frontier markets

Fintech in frontier markets and the Goldilocks equation As tech industry founders and mentors we have always been curious about the absence of Fintech pitches from competitions we judge in the region. Let’s restate that – absence of Fintech pitches with teeth, plans with a

Let a thousand flowers bloom. Pakistan Tech Industry Survey

Pakistan Technology Industry Survey 2018

TL;DR; Ever wondered what a typical technology company looks like in Pakistan. Are we big or small, domestic or international focuses, services or products driven? What proportion of our workforce are women? Why is that important? Are we clustered geographically? Are we growing? Do we

2Checkout update – Part II

2Checkout update – Part II The promised follow on update on the 2Checkout wire transfer saga in Pakistan. The banks are not in it to let a thousand flowers bloom. Update Two: Dec, 2018. The 2checkout payment processing saga is over. Amounts were finally credited

Pakistan Tech Services Exports 2005-2018

Pakistan Technology Industry – Past, present, future

Pakistan Technology Industry – Past, Present and Future TL;DR; Habib University hosts Jawwad Farid and his talk on the history of Pakistan’s Technology Industry and its future outlook. Jawwad walks through 50 years of events, trends and milestones in less than 78 minutes. Delivered on

Pakistan country profile. Technology sector.

Pakistan country profile The revised and updated Pakistan country profile and info-graphic is here. Originally published in October post the tech sector 021-Disrupt event, the series attempted to track common statistics that founders and investors need to have on their fingertips when it comes to