Startup Guide: Code Launch: The 10 step guide to bombing your product launch

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1. Write a check – buy stuff and shit and run your meager bank account into the ground.

2. Add a team – grow to 10 people before you know it – do everything in house.

3. Add features like there is no tomorrow.

4. Forget the product, ship your launch date every time you get close to the launch date.

5. Buy hosting on Go-daddy.

6. Opt for Hamlet mode (Hands off I am doing this all alone) – Don’t need your help.

7. While you are flipping modes also try Stealth mode (Don’t tell anyone what you are doing – not even your customers).

8. Write a business plan, a product roadmap, a hiring plan, an organizational diagram…

9. Don’t worry about sales, distribution, closing, conversions, revenues, pricing, profits, margins or numbers.

10.Spend whatever you have left on your launch party.