Startup Launch Check List – Eleven steps to get started with your startup

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Jawwad Farid

The startup launch check list infogram is based on an earlier post on what do you do when you startup? One qualification while the action items and roadmaps are generic in nature there is a strong bias towards the bootstrapping mindset. If you have raised 2 million US$, your path (suggested and advised) may differ…

Pre Launch and Launch

A series of thinking and doing steps that help you figure out and test if you really have a business or just an idea. The most important step towards validation is getting a customer to pay for your service. Once you get that, what follows is relatively easy.

If you survive the first 6 – 8 month period, start booking customers and revenues you are ready for the next phase.

Startup Traction

The startup traction phase is somewhat similar to our teenage years. You are growing, maturing and getting a hang of how to do that startup thing..

Generally by the end of the first year in bootstrapping mode you have a good feel if this is going to work or not.

Startup Consolidate

Start thinking about what you really need to grow this business.

If you would prefer one solid continuous Startup Launch – First Steps Infogram here is your full copy. Feel free to use, but would appreciate credit.