12 months, 700 orders & half a million page views later.

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A year ago, just before the ids of March kicked off we booked our biggest month of sales. While FinanceTrainingCourse.com had evolved and grown ever since its humble beginning as a wordpress blog, last year was special. We had scrounged to put together a workable budget for site redesign, we were lucky enough to get Arbab as an architect on the infrastructure side, Uzma as the sole voice of reason on the design front and Agnes happily tweaking away spreadsheets models.

But we could have never imagined the distance we would have covered in the next 12 months nor the boost we picked up at the start of 2013 . Here are the highlights.

7,276 cities. 120,000 visitors.

700+ orders processed.

The top 10 purchases.

  1. Individual subscriptions.
  2. Treasury Crash Course, Treasury Package.
  3. Interest Rate Models.
  4. Asset Liability Management.
  5. Setting Counterparty Limits.
  6. Basel & Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP).
  7. HJM, BDT & CIR Models.
  8. Pricing Interest Rate Swaps, Caps & Floors.
  9. PCA Analysis.

The biggest markets.

Top cities contributing sales & downloads.

The biggest contributors to this success were our customers who trusted our content and kept on coming back with repeat orders. Without their trust and support there wouldn’t be a story.

The smartest moves we made were making the switch to ECWID’s shopping cart, moving to Amazon Web Services and focusing on quality content and traffic versus conversion optimization and sales.

Our darkest moments were the nightmarish moves away from our previous hosts and the many challenges that came with moving more than 20 GB of content in cyberspace while running a live commercial site.

Onwards to 2014 and the next one million page views.