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LCF Site update: We are back in business

Our apologies for the intermittant outage at the site triggered by a rogue wordpress plugin that went on a rampage starting Wednesday morning and was finally resolved this Sunday am. Sanity has finally been restored and the site is up and back in action. In

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Business Plan Pitches: SP Jain EMBA Students take a shot at pitching their dreams

While it is difficult to get a pitch out in less than 18 hours of class room instructions, most students really put their heart out in sharing their dreams. Still there are a number of common pitfalls that we see every year that if addressed can dramatically increase the quality of their pitches. Here is my shortlist of why a plan would not make it to the shortlist of business plan pitches below

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Ashoka: Everyone is a change maker

This is a public service message that just had to be put on the front page. Gorgeous presentation, I wish I could take credit for it. If you didn’t get social innovation before, this should clear any doubts.. Courtesy Norah Magraby in from the Saudi