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Monthly Archives: February 2012

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ALM Glossary of Terms.

Asset Liability Management. ALM Glossary.  A quick reference guide ALM terms Asset Concentration Limits: Limits set to control the amount of any particular asset held by the company usually applied to more complex exposures that are illiquid or more difficult to value. Asset Liability Management Process:

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The Death of Yahoo

It’s been a week since launch.  I have more war stories to tell. The most interesting one deals with Yahoo hosting and the downtime you noticed and witnessed on Tuesday and Wednesday. For ages I knew that I was being ripped off by Yahoo, but

Liability Allocation Strategy for rising Interest Rates - ALM Analysis and Strategy

Building Maturity Liquidity profiles for Deposits and Advances book for ALCO (ALM), ICAAP IAS 30 reporting

The mandate of the ALM (ALCO) committee has increased with changes in the Basel II framework to accommodate liquidity and funding concentration concerns. Commonly known as Basel II extensions or the Basel III framework, the changes put a renewed focus on liquidity coverage ratio and funding concentration. To be fair both interest rate mismatch and liquidity profiling were already areas of focus under the original Pillar III Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process requirements.

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Startup School: It's that time of the year again. Lets launch a business in January

Three calls and an email and we have a contract. Twenty days later we have an app.  I understand how Pepper does what it does; 5 top black berry applications in as many years.  We work together to get them their and our first winner on the iphone and the android market place.

Forty Five days in total and we have a business that is generating cash. Not as much as we needed, but still cash.