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Monthly Archives: July 2012

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The Risk and Finance Rock Star campaigns…

Jawwad Farid Very excited about the new artwork, branding and design behind the Risk and Finance Rock Star campaigns launching later this week. After a first round of testing the 90 second video spot has now been finalized and will go live on Youtube later


Calculating Value at Risk Example

Calculating Value at Risk Example This Value at Risk (VaR) case study shows how to calculate VaR in Excel using two different methods (Variance Covariance and Historical Simulation) with publicly available data. What you will need The Value at Risk resource and reference page. Data set for Gold spot prices which can

The impact of interest rate changes on Net Interest Income - NII

Asset Liability Management case study

Asset Liability Management (ALM) training for dummies – A hands on case study. Our Asset Liability Management case study are most popular pages on While most customers get the underlying logic behind ALM there is a lot of terminology floating around. The objective of